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Why do the occupants of one household seem to have everything going for them?

Did they just start out with more at the beginning? Maybe. But energy is the great equalizer. Because of how it works, any of us can have, do or be what we want. And we are having, doing and being what we want right now. Today. How are you liking it so far??? :)

How are you liking it so far???

Do your realize that today is the most important day of all? This moment, this conversation going on in your head right now is so important to what is going to happen to you next. Did you know that the objects around you in your space are also having a conversation with you? Its very subliminal so it takes effort to pick up on it. But its real and its happening right now.

Science has proven that everything is energy. Everything!

Feng Shui is the study of energy or "chi ." How it moves and manifests through our homes and businesses, our lives. Any space we call our own can be mapped out through a bagua. It illustrates in simple terms how energy moves and flows so our consciousness can break it down and join in the conversation with our environments.

What do you think the outdated photos of loved ones hanging on your walls are saying to you about your future? What does the back of your house or apartment look like? Does it fall away into a valley of the yard or into a neighbors space? Is it even there at all? Do you have a pool? Where is all of that water located? Do you know what it might be telling people about you whether you are aware of it or not? What about all of that junk in the garage? Depending on where your garage is located, that might have something to do with all of that lung congestion and sniffles you might be experiencing. On the other hand, if that messy garage is located in a different area of the map of energy, it might be talking to your wallet or your wedding ring!

When you start becoming clear about what you want in life and begin working with what you already have right now you begin to experience truly good and better things for yourself and your loved ones in your own space. Because good chi spreads out. It's contagious! :)

SO, think about it...

Do you want more than you have right now? More money? More fun? A better career? A better relationship? Better health? A big change for toward something better? And most importantly: How do you feel today? Is this moment all it can be for you?

You can be, do or have any spiritual relationship you wish and still benefit from intentional mapping out of your home or office. I sometimes think of it like energetic housekeeping. :)

Call me, Lisa Yvonne Frost, for a personal consultation or online reading of your property. Once I understand what you really want I will help you converse with your space so today you feel better, do better, reach higher.

So get ready!!!

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