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The Beautiful Similarities Between the Helping People Box and the Prayer Box

While out shopping, I noticed this sweet little prayer box. It struck me how similar it was to a "silver helping people box." Which is a wonderful cure for the Helping People area of our Feng Shui'd home.

For a Feng Shui cure, say I needed help with selling my home right away. Like RIGHT AWAY. I would first get a silver box. If I didn't have one, then I would make one. Paint silver on the outside of it and red on the inside. Then I would write my intention for gratefully receiving help very soon, put it inside of the box and place the box in the Helping People section of my home. (Click on the bagua page of my site to see the location) Very soon what I asked for would arrive in some form or fashion. Yes, it really does work.

If you think about it, the Feng Shui cure works just like this little prayer box other than being particular about its location. Both boxes are receptacles for our intentions (prayers) and both are asking for something from the universe (god is the universe from my perspective.)

The reason the box is silver is because silver is a metal and metal is one of the five natural energetic movements expressed in Feng Shui. Metal is made when the earth condenses and compacts. So it is an inner movement. Just like our brains thinking thoughts inside of our bodies. This is an inner movement. The red inside of the box illustrates our focus or intention. The power behind the focus to help make it happen. Because as we all know now, what we focus on manifests according to the strength behind it.

I have to share this fun little story about my dad using the Helping People Box back in 2007. :)

He really needed to get his house sold. Since he had been in it for years and years, he wasn't really sure how well it would do on the market, even though we had made all of the right preparations like decluttering, staging, etc...

So he got a little box and wrote that he wanted the perfect buyers to come in and buy his home for the perfect price right away. Sure enough, right away, he received his first offer. He was so excited, he took his message out the box right away because he thought it was a done deal. Right away, the buyers withdrew their offer. Again, he put his request back in the box. Again more buyers showed up. And again, he got excited, opened the box and removed the request.

And...you guessed it! The buyers withdrew their offer. My dad was so frustrated.

We visited about it and he realized that he needed to leave his request in his silver box until the contract was signed.

Back in the box went his request for the third time. And luckily this time when the new buyers made their offer, he waited to open the box and remove the request until all the contracts were signed. :)


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