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"Symbology" to Prop Me Up! :)

Yes, I know I spelled it wrong. But you get it right???

Feng Shui describes the movement of energy through our physical surroundings. So I try to incorporate subliminal messages to myself all day long through what I put in my home.

When people come to visit me, I think they think I am Buddhist because I have this happy little Buddha positioned on a bookshelf in my living room. I'm not Buddhist by the way, but I do find that my own life philosophy's mirror some of the same points of view. Anyway, found this happy state of statue in the At Home store in Tulsa OK. A perfect piece of décor to send the right energetic message for what I needed in my home to help the downward energy emanating from my slanted roof. Which also just happens to be in the relationship area of my house. So this little guy services two purposes...even better. :)

Let's get into this just a little more...

Came across this bit of information again while revisiting my own Feng Shui library {FENG SHUI and HEALTH, The Anatomy of a Home by Nancy SantoPietro, pg 120} and realized that if I position my own self the same way over my own floorplan (as illustrated here), I would be stretched and kind of crooked. My left foot is always energetically stretching to meet the corner of my home. For me, standing crooked leads to back pain which leads me to have to spend days in bed sometimes.

Also, the roof of my home at that back corner happens to slant which sends energy downward adding more pressure to whatever is underneath. So to support my energy, I add my happy Buddha guy with his arms raised and a big smile on his face, glad to do the job of helping me hold the energy up. Since he is at the far corner, I don't have to reach my foot out so far to cover that corner. The energy is working for me.

This little gal sits in my bathroom quietly holding up the slanted roof and pushing up the energy for me while I do other things. Yay!

My bath sits in Creative Children so no falling down in the creative thinking department for me.

I positioned these Feng Shui cures last May 2019 and this is September 2019. Just another little energetic layer I add to my home for my own personal balance. It's good chi for me. ;)


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