• Lisa Yvonne Frost

Our Relationships, Energy and the True Connection of "Things."

Your true power lies within your subconscious mind. But your outer world of people, places and things have the powerful job of reflecting back to you what your inner mind is thinking.

The most important ground shifting conversation you can have is the one going on with your subconscious mind and your energetic connection to your surroundings. Do You want to see some serious positive changes happen in your life right away?

I can show you the connections between what you are experiencing in your life right now and what your surroundings are reflecting back to you. There is a connection and a communication going on between what you have and what you experience. Whether you are aware of it or not, makes no difference on an energetic level.

Lisa Yvonne Frost

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Certified Home Stager

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