• Lisa Yvonne Frost

No, She's Not Vain!

Jamie is a single mom with two children and she is also a struggling actress. Good paying parts come in but nearly as much as she needs. AND, she would like something steady, like the character she is portraying on a new show yet to be released.

She was told her part was important to the main character and they would like to expand it but when she got the script she saw that her part was very small.

I suggested, she make a large picture of herself as a big star full of success and good paying acting jobs coming in to her.

She made this picture of herself as "up in bright lights." It hangs over her bed which happens to be in the Fame and Reputation area of her room's bagua. Remember we spend a good six to 12 hours in this space every day. So its an effective place for creating successful forward motion.

On a surface level it looks like she is pretty in love with herself!!! :D

But we know as Feng Shui practitioners, what is really going on.

Oh, and just recently she was told she would be coming back for the second season. They really like her character and want to develop it further. :)

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