• Lisa Yvonne Frost

My Crystal Lotus Candle Holder

This crystal candle holder sits on top of a storage cabinet at the top of the hall in the Fame and Reputation area of my Feng Shui'd house.

I light it in the mornings to give all of us living here some added energy to our own intentions for the day. The hallway is dark but sits centered between four bedrooms. It draws energy upward from the bottom of the stairs in which it sits in front of and it helps scatter energy outward instead of falling downward on the stairs.

….and it's pretty. :)

I call that a perfect Feng Shui cure to help all who live in my household.

Lisa Yvonne Frost

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and

Certified Home Stager.

Call or Text Lisa personally to begin your own adventure into personal awareness of energy and its communication with you going on within your spaces right now.




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