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What You See, Is What You Are

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

For just a moment what ever you are looking at is the symbol of you to your subconscious.

In Feng Shui, everything around us becomes a symbol of communication with the universe. So in a way you become, however briefly, what you see. That's why none of us like to look at dirt, refuse, or other unpleasantness. We love beauty, art, nature, the weather. Because these are the symbols that make us feel good....because we become that which we see, for a moment. It seems better to purposefully convey to our inner selves that life is good and worth living.

But if we get busy and don't pay much attention, our lives often become filled with symbols which do not help us. Then we get puzzled that we feel a bit off or sad, depressed. Then our surrounding circumstances begin to unravel just a little at a time then a lot if we don't catch it. Sometimes our minds have a hard time getting us back on the paths we have chosen for ourselves.

We live in a physical 3 deminsional universe so all of these physical things floating around us in our environment can't help but effect us, whether we are being consciously aware of it or not.

When I See a Buddha in a Garden

I think of quiet mind within or peace. I begin to feel relaxed. Like the Buddha. :)

Probably why we love putting these little statues out in our gardens so much these days. We send subliminal messages to ourselves all of the time.

What kind of messages to you find you are sending to yourself? Take a look around your house. What ever is around you is a reflection of you. Its a language, a conversation you are having with yourself about yourself. 

This is really what Feng Shui is. A subliminal energetic language of intention. Or, think of it this way...The Law of Attraction meets Interior Design.

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