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Shopping for Art Through the Eyes of a Feng Shui Consultant

Decorative World Map

This piece of decorative artwork looks like something quick and simple to add to any lobby, home office, study. It could work almost anywhere because it is so generic.

What if you were aware of the energy it carries and the subliminal messages it is sending. Would you still want it??? :) Well, I would. But since I am more aware of energy on a deeper level I would be more purposeful about where I hung it. Because I want everything that surrounds me to empower me.

First I would look at its elements: The land represents earth and since it is literally about the earth, that element rings predominantly in my mind. But the landforms are washed out and colored white. So I am thinking "metal" for my next element. Earth and metal. They work together really well since earth makes metal.

Next I see that the white landforms are surrounded by a grayish black. I take it for an "aged" look of the color black. This color represents the water element and it is water in the subject matter.

I now have earth, metal and water working for me and my subject matter is the world.

Where can I hang this lovely piece of art that will do me the most good?

If I am hanging it inside of my home, I 'm thinking.... Center. The health area first because I want some earth in there to support me as mother earth supports us all. But, I could also put it in the far left corner area of my property since that is the knowledge area and the main element for this area is earth. Plus the map's visual context will encourage me to learn, give/receive knowledge about the world. This art work would also do well in the far back right hand corner of my property (relationship) to encourage good communication with people all over the world. And the predominant element will support me in this space as well because I am a woman and the earth supports women in the area especially.

BUT, and I like this area as well, I could hang it in the front far right corner in the helping people and travel area. The elements of earth, metal and water support one another very well here and I could be visually encouraging myself to give and receive help from all walks of life all over the world. :)

What a great piece of art!

I think possibly the only place I would not hang it is the entryway because it has so much of an earthy element. I don't want it to block the flow of water energy coming into me from the front door. On the other hand, If it was just perfect in the entry and there was just no other place for it, I would consider painting the frame a metal color to "contain" the earth so the water of the pic could keep energetically flowing in from all over the world like opportunities.

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