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Metal, Why Do We Love it So?

The energetic movement of metal is one of the five natural energetic movements in Feng Shui.

Thinking of energy moving in front of us or around us can be overwhelming and a little confusing. But if we narrow it down and give it a specific type of movement and put it in a specific place and then give it a specific job, then we can more easily understand it and it becomes a useful tool in our lives.

The movement of Metal is just like the way metal is made in the earth. The earth compacts and through time and the natural elements becomes minerals which are metals. So metal is an inward movement.

Like our minds within our bodies, our brains work to interpret our outer world. Much like minerals/metal within the earth. So if we want to encourage this type of energetic movement within our lives, we can add metal to our environments in a subtle way to que us to its movement.

I think there is reason why we gravitate to metal for our interior design. Physically it feels fresh, upbeat, cutting edge, now. Today, we all want new fresh experiences and we crave cutting edge knowledge. Every day most of us look for new in our lives. It is reflected in what we listen to, watch on TV, our conversations.

We can invite this type of energy into our spaces with what we chose to display. Perhaps a metallic wreath at The Mouth of Chi (front door)?

Art which is not made of metal can carry and convey a metal energy which is versatile, attractive and useful. White is the color which conveys metallic energetic movement. If you think about it, white is cool, fresh and clean. Yet it contains all of the colors of the spectrum. So really it's full of energetic information without the clutter.

Metal is also the element for controlling the energetic movement of water. Water, as we know today is really full of information.

Go to my Bagua page on LYFfengshui.com to see where applying metal energy in your space would be most beneficial.

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