• Lisa Yvonne Frost

Bringing Two Sides Together

Some people live inside of mobile homes. A mobile home means that it is a house that traveled or will travel down the road like a car. A double-wide mobile home means that the house is essentially a box, cut in half, which traveled down the road, and was put back together again as a home.

Following Feng Shui principals one could say that the energy surrounding this type of structure could play out in various energetic ways. Possibly like this:

1. the occupants within the household could be "divided" or "on different sides" of their points of view on a regular basis increasing in frequency the longer they live there.

2. people could "break apart" from their careers, relationships, health, creative focus or other pursuits of interest.

3. an underlying feeling of wholeness or oneness gradually becomes missing from the occupants.

Here is a Feng Shui solution, much like the one I would use to cure a king-size bed made up of two twin size beds.


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