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Bounce Back to Balance by Clearing Your Space

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

When you have experienced something emotionally upsetting inside of your home, the energy from those emotions fill the space. Some of the energy escapes but most stays indefinitely unless you purposefully and intentionally clear it out.

Feng Shui practitioners have been using space clearing for as long as Feng Shui has been around (a few thousand years.)

Other cultures use different types of space clearing in their energetic practices and today, thanks to youtube, most of us are familiar with clearing our own spaces. Think "sage sticks". Because people are becoming more and more aware of the subtle energy that surrounds them.

I want to share a handy and simple, quick little space clearing technique that I have been using for the past eight years or so. If you don't have time to call in a space clearing professional to really get things tidy and you need to get clear right now, try this:

Have you ever heard of Predecessor Chi? How about a haunted house?

Well, not everything in the world is haunted of course. But, everything in the world is

made up of energy. So that house you move into, may have some residual energy from the last people who occupied your space…the predecessors. It doesn't have to be a scary haunted house for you to feel the "chi" or energy that is flowing through. And, whether you are aware of it or not, it can and does effect you on a deep subliminal, emotionally energetic level.

Unless you clear it.

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