• Lisa Yvonne Frost

A Closer Look into Water

Beautiful rain water swirling in the bird bath. What kind of memories does it carry I wonder???

Water has memory. That has been proven. I used to only think of water in terms of how much should I drink in a day to get the maximum health benefit, and who is using all of the hot water up in the shower? :)

Today, I understand that water is so much more.

I can use it to uplift the energy on my property which in turn benefits my life 24/7.

No matter where I am or what challenges lay in front of me, the flowing gurgling happy sound of water works its negatively charged uplifting positive energy on my property. Which in turn helps me and my family. Constantly feeding me good energy and encouraging the flow of information and opportunities to come into my space.

Through science we understand that water carries the memory of properties which it has passed through. In Feng Shui we understand that water carries information. So we point it towards us to help that energetic information come in to our property. Always sending its good to us on and on and on. Even when our attention is on something else.

Watch this very short scientific explanation of what I am talking about here:


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