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Stage to Sell with Feng Shui

Don't just stage a house. Energetically set it up to encourage positive communication with the buyer, even when you're not there. Give it that subtle good and lovely feeling you get when you walk in to a place that is completely balanced and in harmony. Energy is the great equalizer. It works for any shape, location or price range. Make arrangements for an in-person consultation with me or save time and money by working with me online. I will show you what you need to do to get that property where you want it to be energetically to get it sold now.

Energetic Space Clearing

Clearing the old stagnant energy from our spaces feels a little bit like house keeping but on a more cosmic level. We are dealing with a more subtle energy that most of us are not really aware of. It effects how we feel and even our actions.  All of the objects and materials that come into and out of our lives, the events good or bad that happen to us and around us, leave energy signatures which build up over time. If you want new experiences and outcomes, opportunities to come in, then clear and clean the spaces. I can help you in person or remotely. That's how energy works.

In-Home Personal Feng Shui Consultation

What I love most about working with Feng Shui principals is that it helps me understand the movement of energy. Because of that understanding, I can use energy like a tool for bettering my household and business. I can literally map the energy and encourage it to flow or slow it down as needed. When I first began working with Feng Shui I kind of felt silly because I really didn't understand what was happening...."place the color purple here and get more money?? Are you kidding??" :) But over 12 years of learning, experience and outcomes, I have a much deeper understanding of the physical behavior of energy and how we can work with it to our benefit. I will walk your property, taking in the physical layout and reading the subtle energies going on. We will discuss what you want and then begin to adjust and arrange your physical space to line up with your goals. There will be follow up to see how things are going and if the new changes have given you more questions wrapped in the new opportunities/situations that have shown up.

On-line Personal Feng Shui Consultation

An online Feng Shui consultation is just as energetically powerful as having a consultation in person. But it can be much more convenient and less expensive for you. I will be making my recommendations to you through a series of Facetime, emails and texting. We will also do a follow up together to see how the changes are effecting you.

Feng Shui Party Workshop

Working with energy to improve the harmony and good luck of your household can be really fun. Especially when you can learn a few basics with your friends and family. There are some wonderful things any household can do to improve their energy flow and balance. Which will bring in more abundance in and of itself.

Learn what you can do to encourage more money or love into your space. Help your friends see better outcomes as well. Then compare outcomes together later. 

Lisa Yvonne Frost

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and

Certified Home Stager.   

Call or Text Lisa personally to begin your own adventure into  personal awareness of energy and its communication with you going on within your spaces right now.




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