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       Feng Shui Means "Wind & Water" in Chinese.
Using the Words "wind" and "water" we quickly free associate these natural characteristics of movement, stillness and capacity into our minds. Then it becomes easier to connect our concept of energy to more familiar natural behaviors we see in nature. When we begin to apply this natural association of energetic flow to our spaces, we construct beneficial environments, which in turn means better health, more balanced communication, good relationships and more prosperity.
I heard the famous writer/speaker Chip Conely say "give up judgement. Invite curiosity." 
Forget what you think you know about Feng Shui and step out of the box. You will be surprised at the changes in your life that come about from your very first Feng Shui consultation with me.

I am Lisa Yvonne Frost.  I have practiced  Black Hat Feng Shui; the observation of energy from a westerner's perspective, studying and practicing for over 12 years now. 

When I become challenged, I read my surroundings. I assess the energy  and placement of the space and the objects within  my environment. I look for discrepancies in what I want and what is really happening. I think about the Five Elements in Feng Shui, I look for cures and then I get to work. Sometimes I "look for the artifact." The object within my surroundings that is connected to what I am experiencing at the time.  

 We all have intuitive feelings which help us,  but we don't always know how to take constructive action. 

We  create life situations unintentionally. Then we have to live out the outcomes and we don't always know how to fix the situations so they drag on and on.

Welcome to my personal Feng Shui field guide.  I am going to visit with you  and listen to get an understanding of what it is that you really want in your life. Then I am going to look into your spaces, read your objects, their elements, design and placement, check for emotional artifacts and get the general flow and lay of the landscape. Then we will visit about what is already in place helping you and what may be blocking your progress.  My goal is to help you make way for your successes.

I began my journey into Feng Shui in 2005/2006. I was in a natural nutrition store looking for something to help my declining health. While waiting for the clinician to help me I noticed a book about Feng Shui. The rest is history because I was hooked.  After years of experiencing so many outcomes using Feng Shui principals, I decided to take what I have learned and turn it into my business. If it could help me (this little housewife and mother of four out here in Oklahoma) it can help anyone. So I completed my Certification program in September 2018 with Karen Rauch Carter, author of Move Your Stuff Change Your Life (one of the books that began my own Feng Shui journey back in 2006).

Feng Shui, which originated in China, began as the study and mapping of energy and how it relates to the earth to construct beneficial spaces for the dead.  Once they saw how beneficial it was, they began using it for the living. Of course it has expanded from there because good news is contagious. This ancient knowledge has only seeped into our western culture very recently in the scheme of things. But I consider this time of knowledge at our fingertips to be very auspicious for all of us.

The particular practice which I use and continue to study came from Black Tantric Sect Buddhism from a man named Thomas Lin Yun, who brought it to the US in the 1980s. Today it is called Black Hat or BTB. 

My teacher, Karen Rauch Carter and her teachers before her went back three generations to Professor Lin Yun. I feel that I am keeping quite good company and am honored to attempt to carry on and spread this most helpful information.

During my certification with Karen Rauch Carter, I was introduced to Bau-biology (yes, I spelled it right.) This is the study of healthy buildings. Which was a completely foreign idea to me at first. I am now aware of EMF fields, chemicals and other dangers that are all around us and in our homes. These chemicals can cause a great deal of the ill health we all experience today. Energy knows no bounds, race or religion. It is what it is.

Because I am willing to expand my own knowledge base and take action, ask questions and learn, I myself am experiencing much better health now.

My relationships are more peaceful and loving and my flow of money is so much better too.

This has taken me to an even deeper understanding of energy and how it can help  if I just become more aware how to use it.

Are you ready for that too? 

Then give me a call. Or text. Lets do some energetic interior design and watch the changes that will expand your life!  :) 

If you are interested in taking a course in Feng Shui from Karen Rauch Carter yourself,

then go to: 

Lisa Yvonne Frost

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and

Certified Home Stager.   

Call or Text Lisa personally to begin your own adventure into  personal awareness of energy and its communication with you going on within your spaces right now.




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