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 Hi, My name is Lisa Yvonne Frost. I am a certified Feng Shui Consultant with 12 years of experience practicing Western Black Hat principals and their outcomes.

But I really like to think of myself as a field guide, showing people (especially here in Oklahoma) how to navigate through all of the different cures, applications and intentions that make up Feng Shui from a westerners perspective.

Look around you right now! Really Look!

Do you see the connection between what you have around you right now and what you are experiencing?

  • Are you happy with where you are at in your life right now?

  • Do you feel centered, balanced, supported?

  • Do you get along well with the people in your life?

  • Is there something you have wanted to have or to happen for a long time but its not coming to fruition?

  • Are you healthy?

  • Do you make enough money?

There exists right now in reality an energetic communication going on between your mind and your physical surroundings.

I can show you the connections between what you want with what you are experiencing in your life right now. What are your surroundings reflecting back to you?

What do you think you are really saying to the universe through your stuff? Is it inline with what you are asking for?

I can help you expand and uplift your everyday outcomes in life by becoming aware of the intentional placement of your furniture, art and décor. There is a connection and a communication going on between what you have and what you experience. Whether you are aware of it or not, makes no difference on an energetic level.


This is my favorite visual in Norman OK.

Click on Fountain for more auspicious money cures...

Why do the occupants of one household seem to have everything going for them? All of the breaks and opportunities.., while their neighbor struggles for everything that comes through the front door? Think its just lucky breaks? Think again.  Energy is the great equalizer.

Lisa Yvonne Frost

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and

Certified Home Stager.   

Call or Text Lisa personally to begin your own adventure into  personal awareness of energy and its communication with you going on within your spaces right now.




Go to Bookings page to see more details regarding specific services and pricing.

       Finally! Science as we know it today, has caught up with what the Chinese were saying thousands of years ago.

Science has proven that everything is energy. Everything! AND...energy is in constant flow, into and out of. Becoming, manifesting, existing then changing, deteriorating and moving on. It is like the properties of water. It has no judgement or predisposition. It is here for us to be used as we chose. It changes its properties according to what is needed.

Feng Shui is the study of energy or "chi ." How it moves and manifests through our homes and businesses, our lives. Any space we call our own can be mapped out through a bagua. It illustrates in simple terms how energy moves and flows so our consciousness can more easily break it down, map it out and join in the conversation with our environments.

When you begin to become aware, and start getting clear about what you want , see if it matches up with what you already have right now. Do your surroundings really support your goals and life situations?

SO, think about it and ask yourself...

Do you want more than you have right now?  More money? More fun? A better career? A better relationship? Better health? And most importantly: How do you feel today? Is this moment all it can be for you?

 You can be, do or have any spiritual relationship you wish and still benefit from this field guide of intentional energy mapping of your home or office.   Think of it like energetic design for an improved household or business.  :)

Call me, Lisa Yvonne Frost.

Once I understand what you really want I will look to see if what you are energetically asking for matches up with what your environment is saying around you. You can arrange for a consultation in person or I can consult with you online. Go to my bookings page to see my service options and pricing.

Energy is always moving and working for you one way or another. 

So get ready!!! It can be a really fun adventure!  :)

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Let's Move Some Energy!

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